Today i watch a grate old movie called "Cube" , Sad ending but grate movies. I like this kind movies. yes peoples are dieing but those are just movies. So here is my Top 10  human experiments movies.

10. Iron Doors [2010]

There is a young man in a  vault, He got a some tools. he must escape before dieing without water and foods.  They don't provide water or foods. He drink his own urine. first day he don't try any thing. second day he realize that no one coming to help him. so he start digging a hole on wall. after 2 or 3 days he go thro  wall. There is no door either. it was a another vault same as his. But story change after it.. There is a arabic women. Watch movie and see what happen. Sex scenes included.

9. The Kovak Box [2006]

 There is a science  fiction writer, he wrote a book about mind controlling.  He and his girlfriend are attending a conference at a swanky hotel on the small island of Mallorca. Things go more than a little haywire after Norton's girlfriend. leaps out of the hotel window and dead. Meanwhile in another section of the island, a young woman called Silvia picks up her mobile, hears a tinny recording of Billie Holiday's "Gloomy Sunday," and promptly leaps out her own window. Thats the suicide song and it was on that book. Watch movie and happy ending at last for me.

8. The Task [2010]

Six different people, Shoe, Randall, Toni, Dixon, brother and sister Stanton and Angel  are kidnapped to take part in a newest reality show which will see them spending a night in an ghost prison to win $20,000. Show host, Taylor handcuffs the contestants together, removes their belongings and sends them into the hunted prison. The team find their way to the Warden's office, where they unlock themselves. Soon after, a TV monitor turns on, revealing an evil clown who warns the contestants of the Warden who used to work at the prison, before being sentenced to death for murdering inmates. Randall is set a task to travel to the chapel of the prison. With a microphone to communicate with the others, Randall ventures to the chapel and reads a prayer backwards to summon the spirit of the Warden. After completing his task, Randall returns to the others. Outside, the shows team, including Connie, Sclezi , Big Daddy and Snow begin to lose connection to some of the cameras inside the prison. Sclezi is sent inside to fix them, however he is stabbed in the eye by the Warden. Dixon is set a task, to remain lying in a hole in the ground. Once he is inside the hole, the Warden come and locks him in. Connie, Big Daddy and Snow see this, but believe the network had twisted the show to also make them contestants. They let the game continue. Shoe and Randall are set a challenge to eat a meat believed to be human flesh, which they complete. Meanwhile, Toni and Stanton are sent to the Gas Chamber for their task. Stanton locks Toni in a chair in the gas chamber, and puts a Gas Mask on her. As the chamber fills with gas, Stanton is instructed to find the switch to stop the gas somewhere in the prison. When he leaves, the Warden appears in the chamber and removes Toni's mask. While Randall and Shoe make their way back to base, they come across the Warden who stabs them to death. As Stanton turns off the gas, the Warden knocks him unconscious. Movie is so good, Watch it and bad ending.

7. The Killing Room [2009]

Four individuals sign up for a psychological research study only to discover that they are now subjects of a brutal, modern version of the illegal CIA human experimentation program, run by the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence. One by one, the subjects are brought into a large, white room, in which the tables and chairs have been bolted to the floor, and cant move any where. They are each given a paper to fill out. Then a researcher enters the room and give an overview of the study.He said that all of them have to stay inside eight hours complete test. Then every one get $250. Before he go out he shoot female one and she dead. Over the next few hours, the remaining three male subjects will be subjected to additional physical and psychological brutality. Only one subject will survive the ordeal. In the end. Get movie and watch, sad movie.

6. Cube [1997]

Alderson wakes up in a cube-shaped room with six hatch small doors; one door at the center of each wall, one door on the ceiling, and one door on the floor. He begins to open those doors and pass each, to find rooms that differ from the one he is in only by color. Alderson goes into an amber colored room and suddenly gets cut into large cubes. It is then shown that a large metal grate had dropped down and killed him. It then folds up into the ceiling. After that seen i realize  there is traps on each rooms. In another room, Quentin, Worth, Holloway, Rennes, and Leaven meet. None of them know where they are, how they got there, or why they are there, so they decide to try to find a way out together. Rennes already knows that some of the rooms contain traps. He initially assumes that the rooms contain motion detectors, so he tests each room by throwing his boot into it before getting in.As they progress, Leaven notices a series of numbers in the hatchways between the rooms. Soon after, Rennes jumps into a room previously tested with his boot but he is sprayed in the face with acid and is killed. The group decides that boot method not work anymore. And they want a better way to test rooms. What they going to do? what happen after all? Bit sad ending!

5. Cube 2 Hypercube [2003]

The films starts with psychotherapist Kate , detective Simon, a blind girl named Sasha, engineer Jerry , game developer Max, lawyer Julia , and an elderly woman named Mrs. Paley trapped in brightly lit cubes, each with six panels on each side which are doors to other rooms. They across Colonel Thomas, who says that they have to solve the code in order to leave the mysterious cube. A wall begins to close in on the group. The group escape while Thomas stays behind and handcuffs himself. They realize that the wall is non-physical and evidently dangerous due to Thomas's reaction to it. Kate and Simon watch in horror as Thomas is disintegrated by the wall, the suitcase he was holding reduced to tatters. Later experiences around the cube reveal that gravity can operate in different directions in each room, while Mrs. Paley and Jerry realize that they may be in a tesseract. Kate begins to notice the numbers "60659" everywhere they go. Sad ending. Good movie to watch.

4. House of 9 [2005]

The film opens up with views of the mansion from camera screens, showing different rooms in same house. These screens alternate with images of the 9 being kidnapped. The film then picks up with Lea, one of those abducted, waking up and finding herself in one of the bedrooms. Noticing that so many in the adjacent bedrooms, Lea begins to panic and runs to the main door, banging on it and shouting to be let out. When nothing happens, she runs to the windows and pulls back the curtains, only to find the blocked windows. Going into hysterics, Lea runs all over the house, including down in the basement, where she finds a door that is bricked up as well. Going into a panic attack, she runs back to the front hall and breaks down, passing out on the floor. After all wake up turn on a TV and man said they have to kill each one. Winner get 5000000 dollars. No one talk about money but all think about money. Researchers send foods and drinks using small elevator and waiting till they start killing. Unbelievable sad ending.

3. Das Experiment [2001]

Taxi driver Tarek Fahd saw an invitation on newspaper to participate in an human experiment. 4000 German marks are offered to the participants of the experiment, in which a prison situation is simulated. The experiment is led by Professor Dr. Jutta Grimm.Tarek participates as a journalist while wearing a pair of glasses with a built-in mini-camera. Tarek has a car accident shortly before the experiment, after which he meets a woman called Dora. She spends the night with him and Tarek keeps thinking of her, shown in flashbacks. The 20 volunteers are pronounced guards and prisoners and are being observed by a team of scientists. The prisoners lose their civil rights and have to obey arbitrary rules, such as completely eating their meals. The guards are given nightsticks but are told not to use violence in any case. Each prisoner’s name is taken away and replaced by a number. Tarek (prisoner nr. 77) initially refuses to acknowledge the guards' superiority by drinking the milk of one of his co-prisoners because of that prisoner's lactose intolerance or by throwing his blanket out of his cell to provoke the guards. He befriends his cellmates, Steinhoff and Schütte. Psychological changes develop and the situation deteriorates. The circumstances seem to be escalating after a few days. It becomes clear that limits are not only being reached but being surpassed. Nice movie to watch. happy ending.

2. The Experiment [2010]

Same as Das Experiment but different story, different ending. 26 men are chosen to participate in the roles of guards and prisoners in a psychological study led by a Dr Archaleta , for which each participant is to receive $14,000 after two weeks. Included is Travis and Barris, who meet at the introduction of the study. Travis has just lost his part time job and is a peace protester who wants to travel to India with his girlfriend Bay, whereas Barris is a 42-year-old who lives alone with a domineering mother, who has made him join the experiment to raise money for her hip operation.This experiment wake sleeping devil inside man. Cool ending.

1. 13 Beloved [2006]

This is the best one ever. Best free roaming human experiment movie. you can stop it if you want. Or you can play game to end and win 3.2196 million U.S. dollars. Only have to complete tasks. if he complete all tasks he is the winner. I am not telling whole story. Watch it now. Sad ending but nice movie

Thanks for reading. Good day!


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